About Us


The history of a company is often intertwined with the professional life of its creator. For BKS, this has been no different.

Leiko Akama, its founder, entered the insurance market in 1979, through a worldwide leader in the area of cash-in-transit.

At that company she developed a leading role and became well-known for her ethical conduct and persistence in the pursuit of quality in the professional environment, which allowed her to establish national and international ties in the insurance area.

A pioneering spirit and creativity in the development of new coverage options, which the dynamic nature of this activity demands, resulted in customer confidence, an indispensable aspect in the insurance market.

The trust and respect of insurers, reinsurers, employees and the insurance market in general, led her to form her own brokerage firm. On October 31, 1989 BKS CORRETORA DE SEGUROS LTDA was founded.

Her first challenge was to provide services to the company where she developed her career and expertise in the area. The work was well received, making that company a loyal customer of BKS up to the present day. Currently, BKS is responsible for servicing a large portion of the cash-in-transit industry, including leading and traditional companies of the market.

Its trajectory and growth throughout the years, confirm the company’s success in achieving acclaim as a reliable brokerage firm, based on ethical values and the concern for quality in the services provided.


Provide, through the insurance market, insurance terms capable of assuring and protecting the transportation of valuables, business activities, property and the individual.


The achievement of the company’s objectives has the support of a strong relantionship with insurers in general, with Local Reinsurance Companies, International Reinsurance brokers, and also with reinsurance group leaders from Lloyd’s of London.

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